Back in Balance Alexander Technique & Music Tuition for Wandsworth, Putney and Southfields, South West London

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How can the Alexander Technique help you?

Regular lessons in the Alexander Technique can help to:
• bring awareness to how you balance and move.
• alleviate undue tension and pain while improving coordination and efficiency of movement.
• perform activities such as walking, sitting at a computer or playing a musical instrument to the best of your ability and with greater freedom, ease and enjoyment.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique alongside learning a musical instrument can help you to:
• develop greater awareness and ease in holding and playing an instrument.
• learn with a more accurate sense of balance, greater freedom and coordination
• give you a more successful learning experience.
• speed up the learning process

I teach the Alexander Technique and violin and piano. I use the Alexander Technique in my music teaching to bring awareness and development of good use to the activity of learning an instrument; this helps my pupils learn to play with greater physical ease and enjoyment.

For more information and/or to book a lesson please contact Beatrice on: 07976 039027, [email protected]

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