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What is Colourstrings?

Colourstrings is a method of instrumental learning created by G├ęza Szilvay as a means of teaching his own daughter the violin. It has subsequently branched out into different instruments: cello, Colourkeys for piano.

What are the benefits of learning Colourstrings:
Colourstrings places emphasis on developing the inner hearing first, by listening and singing songs, and learning to sing in relative solfa (for young children attending a Colourstrings school, this process takes place during the initial stages of learning in music kindergarten classes). Instrumental music lessons are then started after the child has had the opportunity to develop their inner hearing, musicality and musicianship skills that are required for learning to play an instrument.

Colourstrings encourages freedom and ease of movement in using the full length of the fingerboard and full bow length from the beginning. This is combined with developing dexterity and independence of finger movement and a light touch in the fingers of the left hand and accuracy of intonation, introduced through early use of harmonic notes. Singing in relative solfa helps develop the inner hearing, facilitates memory and playing by ear, with accurate intonation and accessing a deeper level of musicality. Simplified notation is introduced from the beginning which gradually evolves into full stave notation. Colourstrings is a technically thorough and progressive method that can take beginners to a highly accomplished level of playing.

Learning to read musical notation is introduced from the very beginning in Colourstrings instrumental lessons, starting at a very basic level; the four strings of the instrument are represented by four different colours to facilitate learning to read in a fun and accessible way. Gradually more elements of notation are introduced as the student progresses in technical skill.

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