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About The Alexander Technique. Squat

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a skill that you can learn to increase your awareness of the way that you balance and use yourself in everyday movements and activities.

We develop unconscious habits of movement as we grow up, in reaction to the many stimuli that we encounter in daily activities such as walking, sitting, working at computers, lifting and carrying, playing musical instruments and sports. These patterns can build up increasing amounts of muscular tension which, over time, can lead to discomfort, pain, injuries and interfere with our general functioning and overall health.

How can the Alexander Technique help you?
With hands-on guidance from a trained teacher, lessons in the Alexander Technique can help bring awareness to these habitual reactions and muscular patterns, and help encourage us to undo unnecessary tensions as we re-find our innate sense of balance.

What Benefits can be Expected?
Lessons in the Alexander Technique can improve overall psychophysical health; the technique improves the head, neck, back coordination and relationship; this prevents poor muscular habits and tension, replacing it with better overall balance, coordination and greater freedom of movement, vitality and peace of mind.

Who can benefit from Alexander Technique lessons?
Anyone can benefit from lessons in the Alexander Technique, regardless of age - children and adults of all ages; no prior experience or level of fitness is necessary.

What Conditions Can it Help?
An Alexander Technique teacher doesn't treat an isolated problem within the body but looks at the overall use and balance of the whole being. In restoring the overall balance and coordination of the body, isolated patterns can be alleviated.

People have found that lessons in the Alexander Technique can help with:
back pain* (see Scientific Research)
neck pain
general aches and pains
joint stiffness and pain, including frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome
RSI (repetitive strain injuries)
panic attacks
stress, anxiety
self confidence
voice, breathing difficulties

The Alexander Technique can:
• aid rehabilitation and recovery after injury, illness or operations
• provide support during pregnancy and childbirth
• give you skills to help manage chronic conditions, illnesses and disabilities. People suffering from various diseases & conditions have found relief and support in managing their condition through learning the technique: it can help manage conditions, such as: Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Lupus, hyper mobility, Multiple sclerosis.
• improve overall function and coordination; among those who have found the technique effective for this are: actors, musicians, sportsmen/women
• teach you skills to help manage, support and alleviate already occurring recurrent pain and help to prevent problems in approaching daily work and activities: those who work for long periods of time at computers and desks have benefited from learning the Technique

What the Alexander Technique is not:
An exercise or fitness method - you will not be given exercises to do
A training in posture, although your posture will improve as a side effect of taking lessons
A therapy or treatment: even though lessons can feel therapeutic, it is a skill and learning process

For more information on the Alexander Technique please go to the Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique website:

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